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Our sublimated finish is exclusive to Joedan

We hold the Licence in mainland UK to coat window and door profiles
in this beautiful, unique and exclusive wood effect finish for our
Heritage Range and Woodland Finishes.

If you are currently operating in the retail market we are confident this product
will offer your company a substantial competitive edge over your competitors.

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The quality of this unique finish compared to pvcu is worlds apart!
Unlike pvc wood effect systems, it is not a foil and one of its numerous advantages is its appearance and ability to coat even the inside of the profile unlike foils whereby when you open the sash bare profile is visible.

The Italian company 'Decoral' developed the process which allows high-quality woodgrain or other effects to be produced on aluminium, combined with all the protective advantages of powder coating.

A special polyurethane powder coating is applied to the aluminium, and part -cured. The design is printed onto a film, using inks which will sublime when heated. (That is to say, the solid material will convert to a vapour without passing through a liquid phase in which it could flow out and blur the printed outlines.) The printed film is then wrapped round the coated aluminium, made to adhere firmly by vacuum processing, then heated to approx 200°C.
spacer The colour from the ink sublimes onto the powder coating and diffuses into it, producing a permanently fixed decorative effect. Only certain powder coatings can be used because they must be capable of withstanding reheating to 200°C without damage. In this process the powder coating provides the protective effect, while the film-based technology applies the decorative appearance. This type of process is well established in textile technology, where it is known as dye transfer printing.


Click below to see an original oak porch
replaced with our sublimated product

before after

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